Curriculum Vitae:

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Selected recent publications:

  1. “Quantifying the impact of the Large Magellanic Cloud on the structure of the Milky Way’s dark matter halo using Basis Function Expansions”, Garavito-Camargo, Nicolás; Besla, Gurtina; Laporte, Chervin F. P.
  2. “Quantifying the Stellar Halo’s Response to the LMC’s Infall with Spherical Harmonics”, Cunningham, Emily C.; Garavito-Camargo, Nicolas, Deason, Alis J. et al. ApJ (2020)
  3. “The Orbital Histories of the Magellanic Satellites Using Gaia DR2 Proper Motions”, Patel, Ekta; Kallivayalil, Nitya; Garavito-Camargo, Nicolas et al. ApJ (2020)
  4. “The highest-speed local dark matter particles come from the Large Magellanic Cloud”, Besla, G; Peter, A. H. G.; Garavito-Camargo, N. JCAP (2019)
  5. “Hunting for the Dark Matter Wake induced by the Large Magellanic Cloud”,Garavito-Camargo, Nicolas, Besla, Gurtina et al. ApJ (2019)

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